The Green Journey is the first climate-positive world tour

Our mission is to tell stories of optimism about the people working to find solutions against climate change

The itinerary goes through climate hotspots: the places that are most significant in the fight to keep our planet liveable.

Our Mission

1. Complete a climate positive world tour

Using three principles, we are embarking on a first-of-its kind voyage to see the world through low carbon, slow travel. We’re measuring our journey through a dual lens of environmental and social impact - not necessarily countries visited or miles traveled

2. Create and share stories of climate hope

Climate change is a global problem - with local and global solutions. As we travel, we’re partnering with individuals and organizations who are working to create a better environmental future

The Green Journey will follow the 3 principles of a climate-positive travel


environmental impact

Move using low-carbon transportation

We use forms of transportation that are human-powered (e.g., biking, walking), nature-powered (e.g., sailing), or shared with others (e.g., rideshare, train). We therefore exclude using flights or individual forms of transportation.

Eat locally and low on the food chain

We prioritize consuming locally sourced, plant-based foods to minimize the carbon emissions associated with transportation and the production of animal-based products. By doing so, we support local farmers and reduce our carbon, land-use and water footprint.

Conserve resources and minimize waste

We practice mindful consumption by aiming to reduce our use of resources such as water, energy or materials. Often, less is more: we use and carry limited and long-lasting items, which we cherish. We strive to minimize waste by using less in the first place, and recycling whenever possible.


communities and cultures

Open your mind to new perspectives

We acknowledge the cultural biases and limitations we bring on this journey. To connect more intimately with climate changemakers, friends, hosts and strangers, we strive to leave our preconceptions at home. We will learn new languages, listen first, and check our privilege in the hope of being strong allies to a multifaceted global community.

Invest in local economies

We strive to spend in ways that benefit individuals and communities, not industries and corporations. To do so, we always ask ourselves “who is benefiting the most from my spending”? The answer should be “local communities” first and foremost. We spend not just money, but also our time, in ways that matter, by seeking opportunities to give back - financially and in-kind - along the way.

Recognize the limits of responsible travel

We aspire to see the world - but we acknowledge that sometimes, not going to a destination is the best way to preserve it. We are holding ourselves accountable for our impact and will share openly about when and why we skip destinations to do our part in limiting the effects of overtourism.


by leaving the world a better place than you found it

Regenerate ecosystems and environment

To have a truly positive impact, we want to give more than we have been taking. To do so, we will dedicate a portion of our travel time to volunteering and conservation projects to restore natural ecosystems.

Connect local to global

We recognize that climate change demands both global and local solutions. We must push for policy changes, but can't solely rely on governments. Thus, we're amplifying and connecting individual climate changemakers to share knowledge across cultures and industries, and fostering a grassroots movement to encourage those in power to take bolder, broader actions.

Advocate for a better climate future

We believe in the role of travel as a powerful agent of change. We will use this world tour as an advocacy platform for global action against climate change, sharing our experiences to inspire others to travel differently and take action.

Meet the team



Co-Founder, Traveler
Thomas Polo (Polo) is a climate storyteller and world traveler, born and raised in Nantes, France.
Growing up in Jules Verne’s city and having roots in Marco Polo’s very own birthplace, Polo’s passion for world travel is in his DNA.


Co-Founder, Traveler
Megan Claire Routbort is a world traveler and climate storyteller hailing from Houston, Texas.
After witnessing the causes and effects of climate change firsthand, having lived through several “once-in-a-lifetime” flooding events in her hometown, Megan was galvanized to dedicate her career to working on the environment.


Co-Founder, Tech lead
Antoine Quinquenel is a passionate developper who loves building software in the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Natural Park, France.